She will always be HER


I treasure my memories with you. I will always fondly recollect how hard you tried to woo me in those two weeks!!! You charmed me and lavished me with so much unaccustomed luxury. I had till then only heard people talk about you. After those two weeks, I came to understand many of your unique characteristics and hints of their roots. At the same time, I could not help compare your allure to my attachment with HER. It is true that I was attracted to you. However, I will always choose HER over you. Perhaps, you would be interested in my reasons for it and with this letter, I hope to clarify them.

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Preface to my blog


Although I mentioned “why” I started blogging in my first post, I haven’t shared the how part of it. The process that gave me the confidence to write onto a medium apart from my personal diary. Write into a world where the best of the thinkers, the opinionated, the talented, the multi-faceted, share, write and read every day. I felt intimidated and have shied away many times. I knew I might be forgiven a few mistakes as a beginner – like a trainee interning for a job. But with time, I needed (need) to demonstrate the skill, the talent, determination and commitment to retain the job. I wondered: How can I start to be a trainee at least? What is the minimum qualification? Is the love for writing sufficient in itself?

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The other trail – – – – –

Thoughts are not the only kind of trail I leave. There is another kind of trail that I am notorious for – hair trail. No seriously. My presence at a place can be traced long after I have departed. I am convinced that my hair is absolutely mortified to be a part of me -“What!!! Her???! That’s it! Am out!!” It holds as much disgust towards me as I have to it sticking to my clothes, bed, backpack, scarf – everything. The feeling is entirely mutual. It is after all hard to love something that does not reciprocate your feelings in any way.

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Postaday challenge!!!!

I am new to the world of blogging. I know my posts make it look like I am a veteran at it. Don’t let that fool you. I really am just a novice. Yours truly.

pod-2017-lgSo you will excuse me if I inform you kindly that it is only now that I came to know of the postaday challenge. Being enlightened thus, I am more than suitably impressed with the magnitude of this challenge. Why? Please oblige me with some answers first.

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Read a book? – Duh!

Man-sleep-during-read-book-funny-photos-300x250“Hey have you read this `best-book-in-world’ by ‘the-author-is-a-boon-to-humanity’? You don’t know what you are missing. The way he / she describes the human condition made me realize that …….” and there you switch off. Yeah yeah the erudite can talk and discuss and ponder and wonder and essentially rack their brains. While we can eat dessert and flip our smartphones and enjoy our lives. Sure we can read – just not a book. Are you sure you cannot fit what you want to tell me in half a page? Why would you need a hundred for? Come on man!!!

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