About me

Hi! Welcome to my blog! This particular node on the trail is all about me :).

In a line:

A woman who tries to be engaged in and with life!

Three Things I am good at: 

  1. Pretending to be a techie. Witness: People in my office. Proves: My expertise in the art of pretense.
  2. Eating. Witness: None. Proves: Noone gets food in my presence.
  3. Reading. Witness: Everyone. Proves: Amazon makes ton loads of money off me.

Things I want to be good at (in that order):

  1. Writing. How: Write and write more. What: Stories, poems, observation, theories, Everything.
  2. Singing. How: Classes. What: Songs claimed to cause tinnitus in people around me.
  3. Cooking. How: Experimentation on hapless souls. What: Anything barely edible.

The trail:

This blog addresses point one in my second list. (You can consider yourself lucky that you have not been invited for the other two). Please do walk around and explore this trail. I hope it makes you live through the stories, cry through the poems, laugh through the posts, think through my observations.

So what?

I hope that the trail has connected with you, entertained you, made you pause and think. Whatever it may be, please do let me know of your experience. Some options:  Like, Comment, Email, Follow.

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