A losing battle

Each drop gasps for breath,
Just as it touches the water.
Reaching out, seeking help,
Surviving for a moment more.
Drowning with the effort,
And plunging to the bottom,
Drop by drop the rain loses,
Its battle for identity.


Submit to the consequences and
don’t begrudge,
Acceptance of fate and its teachings
is the path to take.
Lies and falsehoods are these words
declares my withering heart.

Insensibility of sleep fails to penetrate
the fog of anger.
Salve of consolations does not soften
the stabs of torment.
The warmth of embrace does nothing to thaw
the winter of hate.

When the intensity of passion
falls short,
When the ache of all trials
isn’t enough,
When all the heartfelt prayers
aren’t heard,

All that is left is only the pall
of dark disappointment.


Being me

I adorn myself with the armor of timidity
Protection from words is now a surety.
Some say she is shy; such a recluse
Others say her arrogance is beyond excuse.

The verdicts fail to penetrate the armor
It drowns all the noise and the clamor.
Solitude rescues me from the armor’s hold
Leaving me surrounded by all words untold.

With urgency their wish on paper is seared
This poem is evidence of their order adhered.
Shut from the world, the words set me free
To ponder, explore and accept; and just be me.


What defines me

Memories of you seize me in unguarded moments
Washing over me and pelting me, like torrential rain
Where do I seek shelter, when it is myself I am running from?

Everyone says, whatever happens, happens for the good
Show me all the things I hate about you; tell me it’s good riddance
Is it? I question myself. Has my love for you been so blind?

It must be; for it screened from me all the signs and hints
Now, as I set out to chart out the lonely path of discovery,
What do I deserve and what is in store, who can tell?

I KNOW one thing for sure though; the one guiding lamp to my path
You may have found me worthless, a dead weight around your leg
But that is YOUR scale, not mine. I will NOT let this define me.

The buoyant heart

Wafting with each draft
Drifting with each wave
Gliding and floating away
There is no goal to reach
Nowhere to settle.

With complete submission
The buoyant heart follows
The path charted by changes.
Scars or wounds there are none
With nothing to hold me down.

Shielding Fury

Anger spirals out of you
Binding me; choking me
Vengeful words slice me
Fury brands its scar on me

I remind myself to stay calm
forming a shield of patience
this storm shall pass too; so
don’t judge the clouds for the storm.

This last line is what I often tell myself when a loved one is furious. At that moment I do feel angry myself and dislike the person for their insensitivity. But then at the same moment, I tell myself “this is a person I love and for many many reasons. So, just ride this storm out with patience and sort it out later, Meanwhile, don’t judge the clouds for the storm.”


The pursuit

“Keep the phone” he barked
Silenced, she complied, heart-broken.
“Patience is all I need”, she thought;
Refusing to accept defeat.

She would pursue him still.
She needed him, she HAD to get him,
Times were tough and sales were slow.
She had to get customers and soon.




I can only

I can only

urge but never insist
argue but never defy
convince but never compel

I can only

coax but never control
pursue but never run after
love but never let go

Some context: This poem tries to capture the words of a woman who sees her love walking away. She is very much in love and realizes that she can neither stop him nor let him go.


My Love

I love everything about you.

Your unconditional love for me,
Your remorseful eyes when we fight,
Your mischevious smile when you get naughty,
Your spirit of adventure and exploration,
Your easy going and friendly nature,
Your forgiveness of my every mistake,

I know you are too good to be human,
That is why God created you a Dog.

A slave

Trapped and bound, I have a singular thought;

Just abide by the master and he will set you free.

Do not be discouraged, don’t you ever give up;

Hard work it may be, but do whatever it takes.


With complete obeisance, I wait for the master’s strike

And let the words spill out, under the force of each blow.

There is no point in resistance, nothing can be done;

I am a slave to my master and will always remain one.