Story 1: She traded her grief for loneliness.

Story 2: Grief stays; even when happiness deserts.

Microfiction in response to Six Word Story Challenge hosted by Nicola.

So sorry everybody for my absence (again). The medical issues resurfaced :'(. They are under control now and am back… Thank you all for your patience.

Wish you all a very very Happy, Prosperous, Healthy, Peaceful New Year!



Why does it always rain on me?!

“It only rains when umbrella’s home.”

Microfiction in response to Six Word Story Challenge hosted by Nicola. The prompt this week is “Irony”.

This is more like an Oracle’s wise saying, isn’t it? If you want to ensure a good monsoon, just leave behind your umbrella! :(.



Marry him? But he is Colored!!

Microfiction in response to Six word story challenge hosted by Nicola. This week’s prompt is “Prejudice”.



I am perfect!

“I am perfect!” she declared to herself.

Microfiction in response to Six word story challenge hosted by Nicola. The prompt for this week is “Fantasy”.



Six word story challenge 1

Undaunted, imprisoned innocent banker breaks out.

Microfiction in response to six word story challenge hosted by NicolaChallenge is to summarize my favorite movie in six words. Can you guess this? 🙂