Why does it always rain on me?!

“It only rains when umbrella’s home.”

Microfiction in response to Six Word Story Challenge hosted by Nicola. The prompt this week is “Irony”.

This is more like an Oracle’s wise saying, isn’t it? If you want to ensure a good monsoon, just leave behind your umbrella! :(.


7 thoughts on “Why does it always rain on me?!

  1. That’s so true…then I end up carrying mine when I don’t need it, and the bag is heavy 🙂

    I would really like to do the 6-word story prompts, but haven’t gained entrance to the host’s blog…so I’m wondering if I could just get the prompts here at your blog? 🙂 You’d be guaranteed my Follow then 🙂 🙂

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      1. Well, would you agree that it’s alright for me to get the prompts from your blog, and give proper link to hers–even though I cannot access it? Or do you see a problem with that? I’d love to do the prompts, but certainly don’t want to cause offense. I could just as easily link to your blog, or both–whatever you think may be best 🙂

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