Village festival


Some memories never fade. For Savitha, such memories are stacked from those of the annual festival in her village. The colors of the decorations of the temple, her village, and its people; the din of the loudspeakers – spouting a devotional song here and a film song there; the tales from Mahabharata and Ramayana and of course, the fair. It was a day of luxury when she could enjoy giant wheel rides, get a photo of herself, stuff herself with cotton candy and an assortment of sweets till she could have no more. On the day of the main festival, she would hold her mother’s saree as they sat in a line in front of the temple – each in front of the wood fire, cooking up Sakkarai Pongal as offering to the God. Somehow, that Pongal would be the tastiest she would eat that year.

It might have been three years since she even visited her village, ensnared in the daily routine of a mundane, city life. Some memories, however, sustain her.

Word count: 172

Sakkarai Pongal: Sweet made from rice, lentils, jaggery, and milk. Believe me, it is so yummy (my mouth is watering as I am writing this!).

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Such village festivals are held throughout Tamil Nadu in villages and towns. Extremely colorful, noisy and full of life. It is entirely impossible to capture the essence of these in 175 words….  Some images here.

Pongal Festival

Flash fiction in response to FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy.

Cocoa joy!


A connoisseur of books, she knew the perfect pairing. The book she was reading needed a piping hot cocoa. Gigi put the cup into the microwave and lazily pressed the 5 min button. She continued her reading by the microwave with an occasional glance in its direction. She would wait till the just right moment as she always did.

The doorbell broke the focus from her book. Ryan was at the door, flowers in hand, grin on his mouth, unabashed happiness in his heart. He kissed her passionately as soon as he entered.

“Gigi! You’ll not believe this!”

“What? Whaaatttt??”

“We are going to make it Gigi! We are going to finally make it. Our research has been accepted. We are going to be published, Gigi!! And guess what? We are getting $5000 as advance!”

Gigi jumped in elation “Oh wow!! Ryan, this is crazy! I am so happy!”

Ryan and Gigi hugged each other, their hearts overflowing with joy. The cocoa mimicked them in the microwave.

Photo courtesy artycaptures.

Word Count: 167

Flash fiction in response to FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy.

Always trust the captain


Photo credit: Dorothy

The feeling of liberation I get every time I cycle is priceless! It helps me tune out of the noise in my head and tune into the melody of nature. I love the mystery of the day’s performance. Would I be enthralled by the wheels crunching gravel or its steady hum over tarmac? Would I be greeted with a chilling breeze or a gentle warmth?

Over the past year though, I have come to realize that this joy of weightlessness is not because of these enchantments. The real reason is that I have learned to give up my need to control and blindly put my trust in another. I cannot tell you what an exhilarating feeling it is to feel completely protected by the caption! As a stoker, all I need to do is pedal, obey, relax, listen and feel.

Every time I cycle now, I am ever grateful for having found the Tandem Club.

Word Count: 154

Flash fiction in response to FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy.

Captain: The front rider who pedals and steers. Stoker: Rear rider.

Some tidbits on tandem cycling.

The storm


Angry, he dashed out of the room of the beach side resort leaving her to console herself. He put on the life vest unthinkingly, out of habit and picked up his kayak, ignoring the other red one next to his. He paddled into the troubled ocean, a murky gray reflection of gathering gloom. “Get out as fast as you can when you see a storm, especially lightning” he recalled his instructor say so many years back. “Lightning strikes the tallest object it can find and that could well be you”.

He laughed derisively at the memory. “Oh yeah? Bring it on! Let us see who beats whom.” he said defiantly as he went deeper into the ocean that was as turbulent as he was. She sat waiting, alone in the dark room.

Photo courtesy: TJ Paris

Word Count: 132

Flash Fiction in response to FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy.

Being stuck


Photo credit: Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode

“She had no right to be rude to me. Especially when she knows the kind of stress that I am under!!” he fumed as he paced his yacht. Roy’s frustration had grown to unbearable proportions. He felt stifled and stuck in his present job. He wasn’t getting any new ones either being “too senior”. He felt caged and the tension was spilling over at home.

Being lost in his thoughts, he realized he was stuck, quite literally, only after a while; the low tide had left his yacht marooned. “What? This is exactly what I need now!!” he yelled. His anger though, could not be sustained. Forced inactivity has a calming effect on the mind and he was no exception. Nature took over his senses forcing him to observe and admire the jagged rocks, the iridescent green of the moss, the gray of the night edging out the blues. As the tide reversed and the yacht was ready for sailing, Roy was at peace. Sometimes, it is better to just be stuck.

Word count: 172

Flash Fiction in response to FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy.