Welcome to our world


photo by Niv Rozenberg via Unsplash

We may not be normal like you – no homes, no day jobs, no restaurants on weekends. We are just your average gypsies – wanderers at heart, dreamers by choice. We take shelter under canvas roofs raised on wheels, live under the sky and its fireworks, get drunk on the morning dew as we make our way to nowhere.

Microfiction in response to Three Line Tales hosted by Sonya.


Poet’s inspiration


photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha via Unsplash

“The wood, while burning itself, imparts just enough warmth to gently melt the cheese into a delicious pizza without charring; much like a person suffering from one-sided love,” observed Rohan over their dinner at the local pizzeria.
“I didn’t know a pizza could inspire poetry – especially from a dud like you,” retorted Revathi.
“Pizza might not, but your boring talk could!” chuckled Rahul while Revathi hit him in mock contempt.

Flash fiction in response to Three Line Tales hosted by Sonya.


Best birthday gift ever


photo by Annie Theby via Unsplash

“Happy Birthday Daddy!!” Laila exclaimed as she revealed the Microbus to Ethan. Ethan was dumb with surprise looking at the best birthday gift he had ever had. Though his Hippie days were behind him now, this gift would be the link to the memory of those eventful years.

Flash fiction in response to Three line tales hosted by Sonya.

The Volkswagen Microbus is often called a Hippie Van. Some details here.



Practice makes perfect


photo by Arnaud Mesureur via Unsplash

Ankur watched himself in the mirror as he practiced his cricket shots in the green room before the match. He carefully perfected the losing shot accompanied with the frown of utter disappointment. He would ensure to give a performance worth the money.

Flash fiction in response to Three line tales hosted by Sonya.



The Spiral


photo by Mahdis Mousavi via Unsplash

I clutched the telegram in alarm, crumpling it, re-reading it, not believing it as the tears poured down my cheek spontaneously, drowning the world. I held the railing of the stairwell in front of my door for support, my eyes unseeing the postman making his way down the spiraling structure that mirrored my state of mind. They told me later that I was lucky to have survived the tumble of two stories; being ignorant of how utterly unfortunate I was.

Short story in response to Three Line Tales hosted by Sonya.

Some tidbits on telegram here.



The squishy jelly


Tiny, beautiful, wisp like, there but almost not there, the Irukandji jellyfish was seen by none except the 5-year-old who picked it up exultingly. She went ashore excitedly to show her stunned family the squishy jelly, considered sometimes as the most venomous on the planet. Next day, the local newspaper ran a story with the headlines “Local girl immune to venom baffles scientists”.

Short story in response to Three Line Tales hosted by Sonya.

photo by Pan Da Chuan via Unsplash