Hide and seek


PHOTO PROMPT © Danny Bowman

The sun set, after a journey that had started with mine. Apparently the sun, as my love, decided to play hide and seek with me, hiding behind those hills. The sun would return tomorrow. What about her?

“You? Here? How did you find this place?” she uttered through shock.
“I can’t lose you”
“I… can’t come back.”
“Hiding in the middle of nowhere doesn’t change anything, Asha. Yes, we lost everything. But it was our doing, not yours. There are always second chances for those who believe. Stop punishing yourself like this!”

Asha’s tears drenched the parched land. I entered.

Word count: 100

Flash Fiction in response to Friday Fictioneers hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff.

14 thoughts on “Hide and seek

  1. Overall, a complete story. Maybe the ending could be improved, “I entered,” somehow seems incomplete or not strong enough. Maybe “But she still closed the door” or something else on those lines might have summarized the flash fiction better. But then again, that’s my preference, it’s your story so ultimately it’s your decision. It’s just a suggestion.

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  2. The story works well, and it has a very good structure. You use a clever device when you answer “How did you find this place?” with …“I can’t lose you” You tell us plenty about the characters, which develop through the story. The story arc is satisfyingly longer than the written story, starting before the action and continuing after it – it leaves us with all sorts of questions which personally I think are the heart of flash fiction.
    So, very well done.
    I wonder, though, whether the first paragraph could be made clearer; what do you think?

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  3. I particularly liked the first para and the parallels drawn 🙂 Although I was bit confused with the end – ‘i entered’ It sort of broke the flow and made me think of perhaps parallel worlds, life and death. Was that the intention?

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