Words are just tools

that others use.

For they forgot

to use their eyes.


Our story though, is written

between the lines of silence.

You know what I think,

I know what you feel.


The cold silence of strife,

The content silence of peace,

We have seen all in this life,

Except for that final one.



Who would be first between us,

to ride that boat into

the Eternal silence

I do not know.


But I do know that

we will follow

each other’s steps.

Silently as always.

Have you observed some old couples? They sit beside each other, perfectly content and perfectly silent. Perhaps there is nothing left to tell. But I believe, it is because they don’t need to tell. They just know. And they feel loved, content and so peaceful. This poem was inspired by such couples. If I may be audacious, I would also like to dedicate it to them.


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