Sand of today is the mountain of yesterday,
Mountain of today is the earth of yesterday.
River of today is the rain of yesterday,
Rain of today is the ocean of yesterday.

Success of today is the failure of yesterday,
Failure of today is the success of yesterday.
Circling between destinies, people stuck in orbits,
With no escape or respite, from its dizzying flow.

Free from this pendulum, are those lucky few,
Who realize, rain, river, and ocean, are only water.
Success and failure, are but labels they were given,
They are and always remain, persistently humane.



4 thoughts on “Pendulum

    1. Thank you, Penny! :). I liked you used “perceived”. That was the crux of the message. Situations, status does not define us. We define ourselves and if so, let us define ourselves as “humane” – humans with compassion. Rest should not matter.

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  1. Loved your poem on detachment especially that distancing is required for both success and failure. Usually such ‘messages’ are reserved for ‘losers’ and not ‘winners’ but I am glad you stressed that it is important to be unaffected in either situation and never forget to be humane – well done!

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    1. Thank you, Dahlia! Everything in nature is cyclic. We too would be caught in these loops if we don’t learn to detach. But detachment does not mean giving up on emotions. It means to remain compassionate always – to everyone. So glad you like the poem! 🙂


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