Submit to the consequences and
don’t begrudge,
Acceptance of fate and its teachings
is the path to take.
Lies and falsehoods are these words
declares my withering heart.

Insensibility of sleep fails to penetrate
the fog of anger.
Salve of consolations does not soften
the stabs of torment.
The warmth of embrace does nothing to thaw
the winter of hate.

When the intensity of passion
falls short,
When the ache of all trials
isn’t enough,
When all the heartfelt prayers
aren’t heard,

All that is left is only the pall
of dark disappointment.


2 thoughts on “Disappointment

    1. So true. You know when we are disappointed, often people console us and tell us it’s all for good, things will get better, etc. But at that time, it all seems so false. The anger and resentment make us blind us to positivity. We are in that dark zone for sometime before we can even attempt to seek positivity. Don’t you think?

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