Preface to my blog


Although I mentioned “why” I started blogging in my first post, I haven’t shared the how part of it. The process that gave me the confidence to write onto a medium apart from my personal diary. Write into a world where the best of the thinkers, the opinionated, the talented, the multi-faceted, share, write and read every day. I felt intimidated and have shied away many times. I knew I might be forgiven a few mistakes as a beginner – like a trainee interning for a job. But with time, I needed (need) to demonstrate the skill, the talent, determination and commitment to retain the job. I wondered: How can I start to be a trainee at least? What is the minimum qualification? Is the love for writing sufficient in itself?

Of course, I love writing. But there was that something that was not quite right. My observation was this: When I read a page as soon as I had written, I would find it to be of at least acceptable quality if not exceptional. However, this was a filtered judgment. When I read the same page after a few months, in the absence of the influencing situation that prompted the article, I would find that same article to be barely readable. If this was the case, clearly I was unqualified to share my writing. I realized the need to address this. Whatever I write should be enjoyable for at least me, whenever I may read it. Only then can I hope that you would like to read it too.

In my desperation to do something about this, I immediately started writing. It’s one of those things where the problem and solution are the same. Apart from the essential daily chores, I completely locked myself out and just wrote. I wrote non-stop for a week. I wrote about everything I could think of and I absolutely loved every moment of it!!! At the end of the week, I felt I was writing more freely, with a particular approach to writing that I was comfortable with. The intense and single-minded experience had liberated me into a new happy space where I felt I was qualified to write – at least as a trainee. The sheer relief and pleasure of finding the home after years of searching is somewhat comparable to the emotion of that day. I published my first post that very day (My first post). Of course, it was (and is) still the writing of a novice. However, it was the writing of a person who had finally found a voice – meek at first and is hopefully growing in depth with every post. I sure am extremely grateful to be in this new space.

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