Succour to a leaden heart

What a wonder it is!
To see a heart made of stone,
Turn another into lead.
Can the muscles hold together?
Can the bones stand the pressure?

The legs buckle in defeat.
The frame slumps to the ground.
Down and down it sinks,
As the sky suddenly disappears.
Is all the world now in the nether?

The legs spring forth in defiance.
Spurred by some ancient memory.
Like a sprout rears up from the earth,
They fight against the oppression.
The sky is overhead again.
The world is now flat again.

The legs obey the soul’s wish.
They propel, they carry on.
They find a lake by the night.
Its silver meeting the eyes,
Through the rills of the tears.

The leaden heart is gently scoured,
As the wind wraps itself in tender embrace.
The mountain asserts its solidarity,
While the birds chirp their support.
Strangers passing by then provide the comfort,
That the loved ones refused to provide.

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