Postaday challenge!!!!

I am new to the world of blogging. I know my posts make it look like I am a veteran at it. Don’t let that fool you. I really am just a novice. Yours truly.

pod-2017-lgSo you will excuse me if I inform you kindly that it is only now that I came to know of the postaday challenge. Being enlightened thus, I am more than suitably impressed with the magnitude of this challenge. Why? Please oblige me with some answers first.

What is your absolute, most favorite, bestest, never-going-to-give-up-even-if-i-die-of-obesity dish? I can take a few guesses – blueberry muffin, Belgian chocolate ice cream, cold coffee, dal chawal, rasam rice? None of these? Oh, could you please just think of something without me having to hint?

Now, picture yourself dreaming about this dish during your hours of forced boredom (meetings, lectures, etc etc) and then finally getting to relish every last morsel, every tiny drop of it. Yumm!!! Doesn’t it make you salivate just thinking like this? (Truly an out of body experience right?). Now imagine doing this every single day of your life.

The analogy is probably apparent now. No matter how much we love something (like writing), we need a break from it once in a while. Otherwise, we end up with a discordant note in the symphony.

So for all the postaday bloggers out there, striving to keep up the rhythm without missing a beat, please know that we ALL sincerely respect you.

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