Why now?

why-now2Yeah!! I am blogging. After so many years!! So the question looms. Why now? What was that big trigger – the life-changing incident that made me take stock of my present existence and push me to write? Of course, I have always been good at it… (Not very modest right?! So what?!!)

So, that singular life-changing incident was – utter, mind-numbing BOREDOM!!! For a person who has the least of desires, there is just one wish. A wish, that I am not bored and I remain engaged in and with life. It is strange – life earlier was interesting. It was filled with rebellions, fights and hot-headedness. That was also the time when I wrote (and wrote a lot). I simply HAD to write till all those raw emotions had been heard and there was a masterpiece staring back at me. (Alright, I agree that’s a stretch…).

What’s the status now? I have grown! As a result, I have become much more calmer, far less tumultuous. I have eased into the relative calm of everyday life. Of course, it is a welcome break. The serenity of a lake after a long and rough voyage on the high seas…. That was until now when this lake is beginning to drown me. Like Seinfeld says – my life is fast becoming a show of NOTHING. Well, not nothing. I still read a lot.  But writing – oh I lost that. So now, I want to evolve out of this nothingness I am in, through writing.

Why should I care you ask? Well, I know that even at the toughest moments in my life, I have always found things to be grateful for and to laugh at. I observe life and people, try to understand them without being judgemental. Now that’s something that I CAN share with you. I hope that through this blog you can see life like I do. Let us appreciate the everyday nothings together and find gratitude every day.

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