She will always be HER


I treasure my memories with you. I will always fondly recollect how hard you tried to woo me in those two weeks!!! You charmed me and lavished me with so much unaccustomed luxury. I had till then only heard people talk about you. After those two weeks, I came to understand many of your unique characteristics and hints of their roots. At the same time, I could not help compare your allure to my attachment with HER. It is true that I was attracted to you. However, I will always choose HER over you. Perhaps, you would be interested in my reasons for it and with this letter, I hope to clarify them.

Knowing that I am a foodie, you took me to the choicest restaurants and gave me a flavor of the tastiest local and global cuisine. I truly savored all the tastes from the totally bland to the unexpectedly piquant. Thank you for that! However, this food adventure also made me realize how much I cherished the simple, love-soaked, home cooked meal always available at HER place… You impressed me with your hospitality and the utmost care you took to ensure that I was always comfortable. Housing me in the best of hotels, you bid me goodnight every night. While I indulged in this rare luxury, I missed the reassuring lullaby of the snore of a loved one at HER place…. Every day you overwhelmed me by introducing me to places of incomprehensible beauty. I could not begin to absorb their magnificence through all my senses combined. I felt humbled and incredibly lucky to have experienced them. However, no sights could match the gratitude I felt in HER place. I always felt the presence of God and a sense of contentment without having to travel anywhere.

You gave me a place among your people and afforded my participation in your culture and traditions. Your warm welcome and acceptance really appealed to me. With HER though, I am living the culture. SHE explains my roots and allows me to contribute to history as it unfolds. I get to leave a legacy with HER. SHE has taught me the values of community and endowed me with a sense of belonging. Although I enjoyed being with you and loved your company, I still feel extremely blessed to be back with HER – my motherland, my home.

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