Read a book? – Duh!

Man-sleep-during-read-book-funny-photos-300x250“Hey have you read this `best-book-in-world’ by ‘the-author-is-a-boon-to-humanity’? You don’t know what you are missing. The way he / she describes the human condition made me realize that …….” and there you switch off. Yeah yeah the erudite can talk and discuss and ponder and wonder and essentially rack their brains. While we can eat dessert and flip our smartphones and enjoy our lives. Sure we can read – just not a book. Are you sure you cannot fit what you want to tell me in half a page? Why would you need a hundred for? Come on man!!!

read-booksOnce upon a time, there lived a girl who writes this now, who used to think the way listed above. A fancy way to say I used to think like that earlier. (If I can write 100 words instead of 10 to tell the same thing, I must be a great writer right?! “In your dreams!” you say… Well, alright alright). Coming to the point, I am now a convert – one of those who will spout the first sentence.

So what? Having been on both sides of the page (clever na?), I am uniquely qualified to share “how to start the conversion process”. I don’t intend to get all preachy and list the “good” aspects of reading. I am sure you are all too aware of it. So, let’s get to the point.

  1. Why don’t people read:
    • Inertia, a fancy word for LAZY: You need to read, and then visualize and then try to understand and then assimilate and then maybe even discuss. It’s just way TOO much work!
    • Commitment: Once you pick a book, you have to invest oh-so-many-hours to get to know the same story that you might get to know in two hours through the movie “inspired” by the book.
  2. Why should people read: I did say I won’t get preachy.
  3. How can people start reading:
    • Start with the right book. It’s that easy.

Just as with exercise it is important to be realistic. You CANNOT read a 1000 page essay on history as your first book! You CAN read a small book on a topic you would surely enjoy. Which book is that? Answer below.



I read this book for three reasons: I was bored, wanted a small book, I liked the name. That’s it! And how grateful I am that I DID read it. It is simply too nonsensical, too hilarious, too easy to read and too much of an excuse if you don’t read even now! This book is SURE to get you started on your reading habit. There is absolutely no need to put effort into imagination and analysis. There is no commitment required! And the best part? You are sure to keep smiling even after the book. Happy reading!

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