The longest journey


It had been the longest journey. I fell onto the bench next to me, exhausted; but only for a few moments. It had been ages since we met, but now that I had finally escaped my world, the urgency to meet him increased with every moment.

I got up and glided along as fast as I could over the green grass, unfeeling it. The gray skies poured down all around me trying to blur my vision. But I continued, relentless, till I reached his threshold. I hesitated. Would he recognize me? I had nothing on me; not even my body.

Word count: 100

Flash fiction in response to Weekend writing prompt hosted by the lovely Sammi Cox. This week’s word prompt: Resting

Prose Challenge – Write a story in 100 words that includes three elements from the photo prompt (e.g. bench, pylon and trees, or grass, sky and bench, etc).


7 thoughts on “The longest journey

  1. That’s an impressive piece of imagining, Fluid Phrase. I like your use of the word ‘unfeeling’ as a transitive verb; a very good innovation, both because it carries overtones of the other meaning of unfeeling, and because it is ambiguous. Are you ‘not feeling’ or are you consciously relinquishing the feeling of a previously made journey?
    I’m hoping and expecting that he will perceive her, recognise her and welcome her; your story implies great fidelity on her part.

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    1. Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Penny! Yes that’s true. She is truly committed to him and according to the picture in my mind, he does recognize her. Their shared love is what drew her out I think :).


  2. Really refined and deep , FP. I admire your rich stories. The last line is so brilliant .
    Does the ‘ …not even my body’ mean that she had completely changed , physically ?
    I wonder if her world before the journey meant orthodox parents, or an indifferent husband?

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    1. That’s an interesting interpretation. What I had in mind was a spirit. She escapes the world of the dead in order to meet him. She literally, doesn’t have her body.
      Thank you for the encouraging words, Moon!

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