PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bulltot

If you like history, this is heritage. If you don’t, this is romance. If you don’t care for either, this is a resort.

ReRuin. Rewriting history.

“This is the perfect ad! Thank you Elber!”

“Glad to be of service. So, when do you open?”

“Next week.”

“Great! You know, I do appreciate what you are doing here. Saving this place from crumbling.”

“Thanks…. It needs to be done, by someone.”

“I agree… I believe that understanding history is so important for understanding the present. That’s why you are getting this ad free.”

“What really?! Thank you so much!”

Word Count: 99

Just as a note. The “i” in ReRuin needs to be stricken out. This editor isn’t allowing me to do that. So, perhaps your imagination could :).

Flash Fiction in response to Friday Fictioneers hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff.