Young and wild

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

“Oh! Will you please let that poor bird alone?”

“One minute…”

“You have been telling that for 10 minutes now!”

“I would take just one minute if you would help with the photo. I can’t both hold the bird and take a photo at the same time!”

“Then don’t! Just let the bird go.”

“But mom!!! I caught him – myself, with my bare hands.”

“That’s nothing to be proud of, you idiot!”

“How would you know? Never seen you around animals.”

“Well, what do you consider yourself young man? God knows I have enough wild on my hands.”

Flash fiction in response to Friday Fictioneers hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff.

Right to Silence Act

I would like to make an appeal to you all. Can we together demand a legislation for a “Right to Silence” Act? Why you ask? While every person has their “Right to free speech”, in a moving, communal vehicle, I would like to be able to assert my “Right to Silence”. That’s why. Picture this: Traveling in India in a bus that is stuffed to breaking point with people, with most of the said people enjoying their right to free speech. Now imagine enduring this ordeal every working day for at least two hours. That’s my lot in life. Yes. Thank you for the handkerchief.

Every time I am on the bus, I am forced to listen to a 17-year-old gushing about the man she has plans to marry, a business man loudly showing “who is the boss” on the phone, an unfazed lady expounding her quick fix recipe and on and on and on it goes. Why, Oh WHY do I need to know about every random person’s life or character when I am enough of a character for myself to deal with! It is truly amazing how much, how loudly, how indifferently people can converse. I do deeply understand their need to be entertained for two hours on a choked, smoke filled, hot day. I say, talk by all means. But could you please tone down that volume knob?

It makes me wonder. When your physical being is intruded upon, it is deemed rude. I can’t go ramming into people right? Then how come this kind of assault is perfectly acceptable? Sigh… This situation is so chronic that as soon as I get home, I shut off “everything”. I don’t want to listen to a single pin drop. However, as always, life moves on and I gather barely enough strength to survive another day of the tonal assault.

Hereby, I reiterate the intention of this post. I beseech you good Samaritans to please support my plea for the enactment of “Right to Silence” Act. Let there be —-.



Supreme being of them all!

Are human beings the most supreme of them all? This is not intended as a spiritual or astronomical question. Just a worldly one. Are we the supreme of beings on earth? For most of you, this would be a no-brainer. “But of course” is the answer. Few would be gracious enough to concede that humans have serious shortcomings with respect to many, many attributes: we can’t’ beat an owl’s eyesight, we can’t be as fast as a leopard, we can’t be as powerful as a hippo and so on. However, as a sum of all parts, in general, we humans are considered superior (by ourselves) as we make up for our physical inadequacies with tools and ensure our survival (domination) over other species.

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Postaday challenge!!!!

I am new to the world of blogging. I know my posts make it look like I am a veteran at it. Don’t let that fool you. I really am just a novice. Yours truly.

pod-2017-lgSo you will excuse me if I inform you kindly that it is only now that I came to know of the postaday challenge. Being enlightened thus, I am more than suitably impressed with the magnitude of this challenge. Why? Please oblige me with some answers first.

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Read a book? – Duh!

Man-sleep-during-read-book-funny-photos-300x250“Hey have you read this `best-book-in-world’ by ‘the-author-is-a-boon-to-humanity’? You don’t know what you are missing. The way he / she describes the human condition made me realize that …….” and there you switch off. Yeah yeah the erudite can talk and discuss and ponder and wonder and essentially rack their brains. While we can eat dessert and flip our smartphones and enjoy our lives. Sure we can read – just not a book. Are you sure you cannot fit what you want to tell me in half a page? Why would you need a hundred for? Come on man!!!

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