Submit to the consequences and
don’t begrudge,
Acceptance of fate and its teachings
is the path to take.
Lies and falsehoods are these words
declares my withering heart.

Insensibility of sleep fails to penetrate
the fog of anger.
Salve of consolations does not soften
the stabs of torment.
The warmth of embrace does nothing to thaw
the winter of hate.

When the intensity of passion
falls short,
When the ache of all trials
isn’t enough,
When all the heartfelt prayers
aren’t heard,

All that is left is only the pall
of dark disappointment.


Unhappy in a perfect life?

What am I still searching for? This is an all consuming, frequent thought that takes possession of me, as it would a number of you too I suppose. Leaves me with a feeling of something missing in the midst of the best of everything. This phrase captures the feeling eloquently.

She’s stuck between
who she is,
who she wants to be,
who she should be

I would really like to know who penned this. It is a brilliant example of capturing a lifetime in 3 lines. It mirrors what I go through and perhaps everyone does. This conflict of having and doing everything you should but “wanting” something else. That is if you do know what you want. If you don’t, the confusion is manyfold.

What do you do at such times? When the need to be someone else is so strong that your perfect life seems to be suffocating? I admit I am not brave enough to make drastic changes to chase a dream. But staying on the same path forever isn’t an option either. So, I have learned to come to terms with this feeling without letting myself drown in frustration. These five points have helped me immensely and I hope that they connect with you too.

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