Splinters of pain slashing away at life,
Shattering the meaning of my existence,
Away you walked, nonchalant.

Cracks deepen into chasms of grief,
That hope can never hope to bridge.

Poem in response to Weekend Writing Prompt hosted by the lovely Sammi Cox. This week’s prompt:

Poetry Challenge – Write a five line poem that includes at least three of the following synonyms for “fragment”:

  • piece
  • splinter
  • snippet
  • particle
  • break
  • shatter
  • fracture
  • disintegrate
  • crack

The masterpiece

“Come on Lily! Let’s get out of this dump. It’s been forever since you spent any time with me.”

“Not today Jane. Please.”

“You tell this EVERY time. I am not taking no for an answer. Not this time. COME ON!!!”

On their way to the restaurant in Columbus Circle, Jane pointed out to the latest art installation, supposedly a masterpiece.


“Weird isn’t it? Do you get it?”

Lily gasped looking at it. She recovered quickly though. “Yeah. It IS weird…. Jane. Why don’t you go on ahead and get a table? I will meet you in 5 mins?”


Lily stared fixedly at the masterpiece – the two arrows sticking out of the blood stained body of a circular human. How could it be? He had turned her sketch into this? His masterpiece stolen from her sketch? No wonder he had broken up with her. And to think she had wasted time moping after him for so long…. Not anymore she decided. She would take back what was hers – her life, her identity.

Flash fiction in response to FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy.

What defines me

Memories of you seize me in unguarded moments
Washing over me and pelting me, like torrential rain
Where do I seek shelter, when it is myself I am running from?

Everyone says, whatever happens, happens for the good
Show me all the things I hate about you; tell me it’s good riddance
Is it? I question myself. Has my love for you been so blind?

It must be; for it screened from me all the signs and hints
Now, as I set out to chart out the lonely path of discovery,
What do I deserve and what is in store, who can tell?

I KNOW one thing for sure though; the one guiding lamp to my path
You may have found me worthless, a dead weight around your leg
But that is YOUR scale, not mine. I will NOT let this define me.