Back – gently!

am_backHi All,

This post would read more like a letter. I am not sure if anyone missed my absence of about a month. But I sorely missed all the action here – the frantic writing, the greedy reading, the warm and lovely interactions – everything!

Pressing medical issues within the family kept me away. But things are OK now and am back!! Not with a bang – but gently; slowing easing back into daily routine.

I sincerely thank all of you for putting up with my absence. Can’t wait to catch up!

Keep blogging!



Being me

I adorn myself with the armor of timidity
Protection from words is now a surety.
Some say she is shy; such a recluse
Others say her arrogance is beyond excuse.

The verdicts fail to penetrate the armor
It drowns all the noise and the clamor.
Solitude rescues me from the armor’s hold
Leaving me surrounded by all words untold.

With urgency their wish on paper is seared
This poem is evidence of their order adhered.
Shut from the world, the words set me free
To ponder, explore and accept; and just be me.


Why I refuse to write about any ONE thing

Follow up post to Key to a GOOD post?  The other thing I have been told about blogging: It is advisable for a blog to follow a theme – like fashion, travel, food, inspiration, etc. This makes eminent sense; I do sense that. However, in my blog you will find a bit of EVERYTHING (with positive leanings towards positivity) – poems, fiction, observations, theories, conclusions, humor, inspiration and I know not what else. This probably makes you wonder – how can she be knowingly stupid?

I can’t comment on my level of stupidity. That is for you and others to discuss and arrive at a consensus. I can speak on the motivation for this apparent lack of sense. I love writing (as I have told you a billion times already). One of the reasons I love writing is, it is one of the few REAL things without any boundaries whatsoever (which is true of any art form I suppose). I can write about anything under the sun; anything out of this universe; anything you have never read before; anything I never knew I could write about before.This for me is a form of liberation that allows me to explore my own thought process and abilities; in the process shaping me as a person. It is the freedom to explore and live unlimited! Join me on the exploration and let us discover where this leads us to!



Key to a GOOD post?

I was told that a good blogger needs to meet at least two criteria: provide good content, provide it on a regular basis. However, in the one month that I have been blogging, I realized this is not the complete picture. Good content in itself is not good enough. Why you ask? Let me urge you to consider this. When anyone can read / view / hear just about anything they want to at any time, what makes them choose and return to specific content?

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A month and counting….

I have been blogging for about a month now. In this duration, 19 precious people have allowed me to be part of their world. I don’t know much about any of the 19 of you. However, I do know that each one of you amazing people has given me the encouragement and strength to keep posting every day. Thank you so much for this motivation!! While it is gratifying to think that in some way, my writing has connected with you, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading my posts so far. I will continue to try my level best to write every day and write well so as to merit your time.

Please connect with me and share your thoughts – about my blog or about anything under the sun or about anything out of this universe. Let us get to know each other better.


A slave

Trapped and bound, I have a singular thought;

Just abide by the master and he will set you free.

Do not be discouraged, don’t you ever give up;

Hard work it may be, but do whatever it takes.


With complete obeisance, I wait for the master’s strike

And let the words spill out, under the force of each blow.

There is no point in resistance, nothing can be done;

I am a slave to my master and will always remain one.



The PC disease

I suffer from PC-disease. Apparently I have been a carrier all my life and the condition only manifested itself from the time I started blogging. How do I know that I have this disease? Well I exhibit all of its virulent symptoms. Consider for example, the time when I sit down to write something (anything). Pen in hand and a hundred words in my head, I lovingly touch that blank sheet of paper, and voila – the disease is provoked from its dormant state. My hand gets heavy and refuses to move while the words silently slip away. It is like the paper is playing a game of statue with me. I remain motionless with open eyes and a stupid expression on my face waiting for the paper to relieve me. When in front of a PC though, it seems my mind is back to its normal letter loving self and the words find their way through my nimble fingers.

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Preface to my blog


Although I mentioned “why” I started blogging in my first post, I haven’t shared the how part of it. The process that gave me the confidence to write onto a medium apart from my personal diary. Write into a world where the best of the thinkers, the opinionated, the talented, the multi-faceted, share, write and read every day. I felt intimidated and have shied away many times. I knew I might be forgiven a few mistakes as a beginner – like a trainee interning for a job. But with time, I needed (need) to demonstrate the skill, the talent, determination and commitment to retain the job. I wondered: How can I start to be a trainee at least? What is the minimum qualification? Is the love for writing sufficient in itself?

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Postaday challenge!!!!

I am new to the world of blogging. I know my posts make it look like I am a veteran at it. Don’t let that fool you. I really am just a novice. Yours truly.

pod-2017-lgSo you will excuse me if I inform you kindly that it is only now that I came to know of the postaday challenge. Being enlightened thus, I am more than suitably impressed with the magnitude of this challenge. Why? Please oblige me with some answers first.

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