I told the police what I knew. I had been awakened by a loud cry from the next door at about 11 in the night. I had rushed there to find her stabbed; with a letter clutched in her hand. Someone obviously wanted her dead.

It was on the news later that day. I finally got to know what was in that letter.

“Forensics will tell you this is a murder. Please don’t go looking for a killer… The truth, though hard to believe, is that I, the future self, have killed myself, the present self.
I have no other option right now. People, evil ones, know that I have invented this machine; but they don’t know how it works – yet. They are keeping me captive and are torturing me every day. I can’t let it get in their hands… I don’t know of any other means of escape.”

Word Count: 148

Flash fiction in response to Weekend Writing Prompt hosted by the lovely Sammi Cox. This week’s challenge:

Write a story in 150 words that is set in both the day and the night or mentions both the sun and the moon


7 thoughts on “Killer

  1. Dear Fluid Phrase
    Ooh, what a thought provoking theme!
    Killing present self is tantamount to suicide for future self. Time machine disappears without trace. Is what we perceive as the future actually mutable like that? Nobody knows for sure.
    Or, as there was a scream, perhaps the note is a forgery designed to distract attention from the murderer? This seems a lot more likely!
    The story could also be allegory, warning scientists and technologists that their inventions will inevitably be put to evil uses, and if they oppose this they will suffer intolerably. That seems increasingly likely with the rise of the far right.
    So, wonderful theme…
    As regards the writing, I hope you don’t mind me saying that I think you could make the opening paragraph much more dramatic – it is, after all, a murder (or suicide)!
    With very best wishes

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    1. Dear Penny,
      Thank you for such a lovely comment! I had written this with the first scenario in mind. Could such a time travel really be possible? I found the theme of night and day very interesting. It is a cycle. Is there something where a cycle can be broken? 🙂

      Please, please do not hesitate to give me feedback. I really value them! So, thank you so much for the feedback. Duly noted 🙂


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