Place to dream

“I need a place to dream,” Polly said looking out at the high rises around her.

“Well, the bed is right there,” Mother said irritating her further. She returned to her book, drowning in it, escaping her boxed reality.


PHOTO PROMPT© Jan Wayne Fields

The beauty of the place took her stale breath away, infusing her with fresh life. The “shorter route” had led them to paradise.

“Mom! This… I don’t know what to…”

“I know dear. Go dream” Mother said leading her forward through the string of starry fairy lights. For that night, they let the nothingness beyond the tent weave theirs dreams.

Word count: 99

Flash fiction in response to Friday Fictoneers hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff.

Thank you, Rochelle and Jan for this stunning pic. It really is a place of dreams and starry nights.

22 thoughts on “Place to dream

  1. I feel the child is lucky to have a mother who can turn hopelessness to optimism and inspire her to dream on even when the circumstances are not in their favour,

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    1. Actually, as a kid, she just wants to have some space. She feels very restricted and boxed in living in her tiny apartment surrounded by buildings. She feels like it stifles her. That’s why she says I need a place to dream. An open, free space to just “be”.

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  2. I read several times, sorry, and the other’s comments then again…

    I think the line that threw me understanding first off was “Mother said irritating her further. She returned to her book, drowning in it, escaping her boxed reality.”

    I wasn’t sure if viewpoint was Polly or Mother, or who was reading the book, and were we in the book. Sorry. As I said to Reena earlier when she sighed I am a bit slow this morning. Hope you don’t mind my comment…

    The opening line of your story really drew me in.

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    1. Thank you Kevin for the note on the opening line.
      Thank you for pointing out the lapse! It really helps when oversights like this are pointed out. :-).
      It is Polly. She feels boxed. She is young and feels stifled with small spaces. Like they are limiting her thoughts even. Hope this helps.
      Thanks again!

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