The beacon


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Sahil anxiously opened the door to his tiny apartment. Rita hadn’t answered his calls all day and now the apartment was completely dark. He immediately rushed to the bathroom – its light glowing like a beacon. Here, he found her note.

“All these years you let me wallow in penury. You never let me have even 100 bucks for myself. How could you have been so selfish you bastard! Don’t try to contact me and good luck finding your stash.”

Sahil collapsed on the floor. He thought he had gotten away with the heist… If only she had called him!

Word count: 100

Flash fiction in response to “Friday Fictioneers” hosted by the lovely Rochelle.

37 thoughts on “The beacon

  1. I can’t help feeling a twinge of sympathy for Sahil! I’m guessing the heist was very recent, and he’d only just hidden the cash. He may even have wanted to spend some on a lavish, surprise gift for Rita. Still, too late now…
    It’s a good story, that engages our sympathy for both characters. It’s good flash fiction because it’s nicely open-ended. Well done!

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  2. I read it much like Penny. He was trying to call her all day. There must have been something he was wanting to communicate. This could be a great start to a much longer piece. Very intriguing.

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  3. I got the impression that there’s more to the heist (somebody else’s stash, maybe drug deal) and that he is worried for her safety. Well done to inspire so many diverse thoughts 🙂

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