Right to Silence Act

I would like to make an appeal to you all. Can we together demand a legislation for a “Right to Silence” Act? Why you ask? While every person has their “Right to free speech”, in a moving, communal vehicle, I would like to be able to assert my “Right to Silence”. That’s why. Picture this: Traveling in India in a bus that is stuffed to breaking point with people, with most of the said people enjoying their right to free speech. Now imagine enduring this ordeal every working day for at least two hours. That’s my lot in life. Yes. Thank you for the handkerchief.

Every time I am on the bus, I am forced to listen to a 17-year-old gushing about the man she has plans to marry, a business man loudly showing “who is the boss” on the phone, an unfazed lady expounding her quick fix recipe and on and on and on it goes. Why, Oh WHY do I need to know about every random person’s life or character when I am enough of a character for myself to deal with! It is truly amazing how much, how loudly, how indifferently people can converse. I do deeply understand their need to be entertained for two hours on a choked, smoke filled, hot day. I say, talk by all means. But could you please tone down that volume knob?

It makes me wonder. When your physical being is intruded upon, it is deemed rude. I can’t go ramming into people right? Then how come this kind of assault is perfectly acceptable? Sigh… This situation is so chronic that as soon as I get home, I shut off “everything”. I don’t want to listen to a single pin drop. However, as always, life moves on and I gather barely enough strength to survive another day of the tonal assault.

Hereby, I reiterate the intention of this post. I beseech you good Samaritans to please support my plea for the enactment of “Right to Silence” Act. Let there be —-.



6 thoughts on “Right to Silence Act

      1. I’m not a natural optimist. But I try to remember that if you can’t change it, you should find the good in it. Otherwise I would waste an awful lot of time in anger! But it’s never easy, and some days it’s all just too much, isn’t it? I wish you success in your campaign!

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  1. Nice post – send trails of thoughts in my head 🙂

    I have noticed this too , but mostly its with the coming of the cell phones . Some people speak so loud over it !! Just last week travelling on the train , I heard a lady talk about her daughter’s recent , so called “secret !! ” engagement to Mr.Perfect and the marriage date [date/month/year] – according to her no one knows of it “Yet !!!!” . (other than the people travelling with her – thanks to her!! 🙂 ). On top of it She ends the conversation with – ” Keep it to yourself , don’t tell a single soul , not even outside our circle of contacts !!!!! “…..:P .

    Thanks for visiting my blogs 🙂

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