The storm


Angry, he dashed out of the room of the beach side resort leaving her to console herself. He put on the life vest unthinkingly, out of habit and picked up his kayak, ignoring the other red one next to his. He paddled into the troubled ocean, a murky gray reflection of gathering gloom. “Get out as fast as you can when you see a storm, especially lightning” he recalled his instructor say so many years back. “Lightning strikes the tallest object it can find and that could well be you”.

He laughed derisively at the memory. “Oh yeah? Bring it on! Let us see who beats whom.” he said defiantly as he went deeper into the ocean that was as turbulent as he was. She sat waiting, alone in the dark room.

Photo courtesy: TJ Paris

Word Count: 132

Flash Fiction in response to FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy.

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