Premeditated murder

He marveled at his ingenious plan for murder as he rang the bell, a single red wood lily in his hand. As always, the music of piano greeted him as she opened the door. He kissed her and entered, looking for his would-be victim; that darned, annoying cat.

Word count: 48

Lilies (some) are fatal for cats. Check out some tidbits here.


16 thoughts on “Premeditated murder

  1. On the whole, cats have great ability to know what will hurt them. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the cat he intends to murder doesn’t have a counter-plot to rid itself of this interfering human and have the girl all to itself once more. Good, compact tail (sorry – tale!)

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    1. Hahaha! Love the tail tale! Thank you for sharing the insight on cats. To be honest, I know very little about them. But I do believe that they know what’s best and not the best for them. Unlike…. ahem, us humans.

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