Supreme being of them all!

Are human beings the most supreme of them all? This is not intended as a spiritual or astronomical question. Just a worldly one. Are we the supreme of beings on earth? For most of you, this would be a no-brainer. “But of course” is the answer. Few would be gracious enough to concede that humans have serious shortcomings with respect to many, many attributes: we can’t’ beat an owl’s eyesight, we can’t be as fast as a leopard, we can’t be as powerful as a hippo and so on. However, as a sum of all parts, in general, we humans are considered superior (by ourselves) as we make up for our physical inadequacies with tools and ensure our survival (domination) over other species.

However, humans with all our tools and knowledge are routinely defeated by death; disease being the defeating tool. The perpetrators: Bacteria and viruses. Not all are “bad” though. There are the genial, well meaning neighbors and tenants without whom we would all be, err, dead again. So, these microbes win on both ends of the spectrum – as life sustaining and life depriving. We do wield control over a few types. However, we are beginning to realize that no amount of synthetic chemicals concocted by us are effective against their ever adapting nature. We might yet succeed in understanding them. But I harbor serious doubts on whether we can actually dominate and conquer them.

With this realization of my status a lowly human being, I declare defeat and concede that microbes are the supreme beings of them all. Yours truly.


4 thoughts on “Supreme being of them all!

  1. What a modest take – I like it! I think with the advance of Artifical Intelligence, I’ll be surprised if human knowledge doesn’t get the better of us which ultimately will be the downfall of us all – so we are clearly not intelligent enough to know what’s necessarily best for us, so humans reigning supreme…not for long? That said, I wouldn’t stop science and invention even if I could, far too curious to learn more; perfect example of a flawed human.

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    1. Thank you! Very true. We can’t stop science for the sake of future fears. We wouldn’t have been able to come this far with that mindset. But surely there is a cycle in nature and it is not always possible to discern the beginning of the descent. It is usually done in hindsight. So where are we in this cycle I wonder as I have accepted that we are not the best after all.

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