Relic from the past


PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Felicia fondly observed the trees through the window from her desk in the public office. They had grown over the thirty years of her service to be more majestic than her shriveled self. The phone below was probably older. A relic from the past; like she would be when she retires. Both would be forgotten…. soon.

She was distracted by a little girl pulling her father to the phone. As he picked her up, she placed the receiver to her ears, consumed with excitement. Felicia smiled. Perhaps some relics would survive still, if only by the curiosity of the young.

Word Count: 100

Flash fiction in response to Friday Fictioneers hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff.

22 thoughts on “Relic from the past

  1. What a good metaphor, Fluid Phrase! It’s an encouraging thought for oldies like me that it will be what we say to the youngsters that will be our true legacy. I love, too, the way you’ve managed to identify and include several elements of the image.

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    1. Thanks Penny! I am absolutely stoked that you noticed the elements :). Oldies like you! 😦 Hahaha!
      Your take exactly matches mine. Don’t push the old just yet. Let the young interact, learn and enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

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