Being childlike

“Be childlike and not childish” they say. So what does it mean to be childlike? There are so many many pages that talk about what it means to be childlike and how to consciously live a life guided by this mantra. A one line answer to the question could be “a simpler and as a result, maybe a happier life”. So, is there any downside?

crying_child_by_ruxandra1_bratuWhat about when children are hurt? I am not referring to them being childish (being unreasonable though they understand that they are being so). I mean times when the child is genuinely upset. Of course, there could be multiple reasons for their grief. However, the most common one I believe is this. They innocently and guilelessly did something considered “wrong” by adults. They did what they did out of maybe affection, intention to help etc without any mischief whatsoever in their intention. However, they are still chastised for their behavior leaving them absolutely bewildered. This bewilderment changes to hurt and shame that is multiplied several times when a loved one is angry. They find it hard to accept that innocence and right intentions can lead to wrong outcomes for which they might even be punished. This unfairness is against everything they have been taught by the very person who is now punishing them. No wonder they feel crushed….

This then is one of the downsides to being childlike. We are heartbroken too with equal intensity for similar reasons. The best intentions backfire leaving us confused and hurt. What is distressing too is that we cannot bawl out like children do to relieve the hurt. Most often, we need to bottle up and carry on as adults are expected to. The grief waits inside us for private moments of acknowledgment when the weight of the world can be laid on us. We feel crushed too….

Would you agree? Are there any more downsides?

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