The hostages

He walked with a swagger that announced his attitude; “Don’t mess with me or else….!!!”. Absolutely nothing bothered him and if at all anything did, he knew how to deal with it. Every one of the hostages in the room was fearful of him; wary of his movements. They tried their best to remain calm while waiting for the next demand. Till now, all his demands had been met – without any delay. He just had to point and he was served with his wish. What was next, no one knew.

No one dared to confront him, let alone raise their voice against him. History was proof that he had been the victor of every confrontation. People had been beaten, slapped and punched innumerable times without having been able to land a single blow on him. He simply had his way and that was that. This time would be no different. Everyone in the room eyed the wall clock almost every minute only to sense that it was ticking slower with every glance. They were hopeful though that rescue was close at hand. They would be relieved any minute now, if only they all stayed calm.

It was 6:10 PM and still no sign of respite. Just as some began to wonder how much longer they could take the pressure, she walked in hurriedly with an apologetic look on her face. She quickly glanced around the room to take in the situation and looked straight into his face. He had noticed her entrance almost instantly too and ran to her. She scooped up her one-year-old son into her arms and gave him a tight hug. She planted a kiss on his cheek and looked around the room to her weary, tired family saying “I am really sorry I am late. Did he trouble you a lot?”


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