Key to a GOOD post?

I was told that a good blogger needs to meet at least two criteria: provide good content, provide it on a regular basis. However, in the one month that I have been blogging, I realized this is not the complete picture. Good content in itself is not good enough. Why you ask? Let me urge you to consider this. When anyone can read / view / hear just about anything they want to at any time, what makes them choose and return to specific content?

As homo sapiens, I believe there is always an essential human element when we interact with anything; especially so with content. In my view, people can be absolutely objective only when the content is insipidly technical (like a chemical equation for example). At ALL other times, including when the pursuit is “intellectual”, the emotional aspects are NEVER absent. Therefore, apart from being good, the content needs to induce a person to get involved in a deeply individual way. People need to find some element of their own condition, reflected in the words. In short, the key to a good post is, it has to provide RELATABLE, good content.

Is this relatable to you? What do you think?



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