Harmonious music

Tara put the conch to her ear and listened to his woeful tales of separation and death. The all-knowing waves let out a gentle “hush” every time they kissed the sand and gently consoled the sad beings. Tara laid the conch back on the sands to let him mourn in peace and listened to the soothing voice of the ocean. She was regaling tales from lands Tara had never seen or could ever hope to see. Tara sat conversing with the ocean for a long time. On sensing the ocean being more playful by the evening Tara got up to pace her steps to the rhythm of the ocean. With each step, the servile sand bowed out of her way while her hair entered into an intimate tango with the ever playful, whistling wind.

The world was engaged in concert; playing a grand symphony to be heard only by her. To her sightless eyes, the world was always a black canvas devoid of color. But she did not begrudge it. As the music permeated her soul, she found her harmony.


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