The side effects of blogging

When I started blogging, I knew a few things for sure – that I would enjoy it, that I would strive my best to write as much as I can and as best as I can. Although I knew these things for certain, there were certain things that took me by surprise: The side effects of blogging.

Side Effect 1: I have started thinking in prose. Seriously! Sample this. A simple “I feel happy” has been replaced with “The world has been so kind to me and my heart is filled with joy”. Even my messages and conversations sound like this unless I consciously check myself.
Side Effect 2: As a side effect of side effect 1, I have started approaching the world with a fresh outlook – seeking inspiration in the most trivial of happenings. Life has suddenly become more interesting.
Side Effect 3: I like my day job a little lesser. I have always liked my job – a lot. It made me feel productive as an active contributor to society. It offered me the satisfaction of a job well done. But now, there are many instances when I would rather write than be at my desk. Suddenly, as the world is becoming more engrossing, I myself am becoming more torn… (The young man with his guitar was the outcome of this feeling of inadequacy).
Side Effect 4: I now have a new dream – one where side effect 3 does not exist; the one where writing sustains me – in every way.

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