The PC disease

I suffer from PC-disease. Apparently I have been a carrier all my life and the condition only manifested itself from the time I started blogging. How do I know that I have this disease? Well I exhibit all of its virulent symptoms. Consider for example, the time when I sit down to write something (anything). Pen in hand and a hundred words in my head, I lovingly touch that blank sheet of paper, and voila – the disease is provoked from its dormant state. My hand gets heavy and refuses to move while the words silently slip away. It is like the paper is playing a game of statue with me. I remain motionless with open eyes and a stupid expression on my face waiting for the paper to relieve me. When in front of a PC though, it seems my mind is back to its normal letter loving self and the words find their way through my nimble fingers.

So what is the problem you ask? For starters, I would like to call myself a writer. Not a typist. Secondly, this disease is completely debilitating. Every time I see something that inspires me to write, I have to run to my PC and type away instead of calmly walking to the nearest bench and simply writing. The condition is so chronic that even in my dreams (where I have just posted a killer article and have been showered with a thousand likes), I can’t write but can only type!!!

They say when a disease gets in the way of your day to day functions, you need to seek medical help. So here I am, asking for your help to suggest a reputed PC-o-therapist (like physiotherapist; clever right?) who can help me have a write-ful existence. Please help!


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