Word Merchant on Blogger Street

There lives a Word Merchant on Blogger Street – eminently known to be the best in Internet Town. He is the sole owner of an enormous assortment of words piled on shelves that rise to the sky. Designed to seem incoherent to the casual visitor, their order is a secret known only to the Merchant.

He fondly ushers every writer into his store – although all seem to be in a tearing hurry. They all have something that they just have to declare to the world. The Merchant takes his time though. He walks through the multitude of aisles, sometimes admiring, sometimes in deep thought and finally fishes the words chosen specifically for that client.

For some of us, he is our best friend. We can always count on him to readily supply even in times of scarcity of likes. He is sometimes skeptical of his new clients though. But as they frequent his store, he recognizes their genuine need for words. Their relationship deepens as does the location of the words from his store.

For a chosen few, whom he considers truly special, he gives away his best and choicest words – sometimes without warning. The person is mostly pleasantly surprised but sometimes utterly shocked with this act of generosity. In all cases though, they accept the word with the exact emotion that he knows would be elicited – sometimes the unchecked joy of discovery, sometimes the horror of realization. With a grin of satisfaction on his face, he returns to his store to hand away more words, to be woven into meaning.

As a citizen of Internet town, I am eternally grateful to him for he justifies my abode here. These are the words he handed me when I expressed this feeling to him.

To the citizens of Internet town,
His dominance is entirely known.
Meet the Word Merchant on Blogger Street,
His store is to us writers, the only retreat.

While he presents the lyrics for our show,
Wonderstruck at his mastery, we take a bow.
You can wander as you wish in this Internet town,
But all that you like here are only jewels in his crown.

As I weave this story with his wares,
I feel glad to be caught in his snares.
In love with him, I am quite hopelessly,
While happily sharing the emotion copiously.

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